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Absolute Taekwondo Association follows the style of Chang Hon Tae Kwon-Do founded by Major General Choi Hong Hi.

Master McNally, 7th Dan, Founder of the International Tae Kwon-Do Council and Tae Kwon-Do Council UK

Taekwondo Council UK National governing body TKD Alex Overy Romsey Awbridge Martial Arts
Master John McNally 7th Dan Founder of ATKDA and International Taekwondo Council and Taekwondo Council UK

Master John McNally


Teamwork makes the dream work

Welcoming all new members

We treat all our students like family at ATKDA.

We are passionate about teaching you Taekwondo because we love what we do.

Come along and get a lesson for FREE to catch a glimpse of what we do at any of the schools within the association.

We teach mixed martial arts classes for children, females, and all adults from 4yrs to 74yrs

It’s important to work with all ages, to learn and train with varied sizes and attitudes to prepare and build confidence.

Step outside your comfort zone and improve every day.

All Taekwondo students with dedication, will: Get Fitter – Be More Confident – Be Safer – Improve Flexibility – Improve Co-ordination!

We Will Push You – We Will Encourage You – We Will Challenge You.

All A.T.K.D.A. Instructors are Fully Insured, Fully DBS Checked, Fully First Aid Trained, Fully Certified, Fully Qualified

Founder of Absolute Taekwondo Association
Founder of government registered and approved National governing body (NGB):
  • Taekwondo Council United Kingdom
  • International UK government-approved NGB
  • International Taekwondo Council

Martial Arts class in the Sutton Coldfield area

Sean H.B
Sean H.B
Not one to normally leave reviews. Thankyou so much for giving my daughter so much confidence, and a skill that will see her good through life. I Highly recommended this club. The owner includes every child, and includes them all fairly. The instructors are absolutely fantastic. 5 stars.
HBsquadx X
HBsquadx X
What an amazing Taekwondo school this is, my daughter joined last year and her confidence has improved so much.not only is this school the best it’s like a whole big family. I’m so glad we found ATKDA, thank you to John who is the best out there
Mathew Martin
Mathew Martin
Master McNally will always make time to teach his students with any area where they are struggling or unsure about. The class is full of friendly people and they are there for each other.
sachin sekhsaria
sachin sekhsaria
Sir McNally is a thorough and wonderful professional. He makes these sessions an easy go for my kids and they look forward to going every session possible.
Saqib Mumtaz
Saqib Mumtaz
Sometimes you meet people, who have a profound impact in your life. Sir John McNally is one of those people. He is not only an excellent teacher but also a great human being. His passion for taekwondo is infectious. Me and my family have been going to ATKDA for almost three years and we have enjoyed every single session. My children are really fond of the lessons and attending them have made a positive impact to their health and personality. I will highly recommend ATKDA for anybody looking to start a healthy lifestyle and learn some important life skills.
Chloe Holt
Chloe Holt
My 7 year old who started a month or so ago has really enjoyed it. John is very patient and is great with pupils of all ages. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Very pleased that we are now part of the family.
Manni Hussain
Manni Hussain
A great club. Run tremendously by John. All members are family with each person treated as an individual.
akbar pasha
akbar pasha
Mr McNally is a fantastic instructor and relates very well with students of all ages. My son, Shayan, has only been going to ATKDA for a few months, but I already notice how much he has grown in confidence. He very much enjoys going to the club and intends to continue long into the future. Highly recommended for all kids who want to build up self esteem and keep their body and mind fit and healthy.

what we can provide and help you achieve


Become faster and more agile by learning martial arts self-defence combinations. 


Practising the art of Taekwondo takes physical and mental ability. This will improve your focus and coordination. In our classes, we offer a mixture of cardio mixed martial arts exercises alongside learning strikes, punches, patterns and kicks. You’ll find your stamina, flexibility and strength will increase.



Taekwondo teaches you the skills to defend yourself using varying proven techniques such as strikes, blocks, kicks and punches. As you progress through the grades you will gain more confidence in yourself and your skills. Martial Arts gives you the knowledge of how to handle yourself and be able to defuse a situation before it gets out of hand. 



Gain competition skills so that you can challenge yourself and your abilities in the fantastic sport side of Taekwondo.


Teamwork makes the dream work


white belt taekwondo


The start of your Taekwondo journey begins here.

Belt gradings


Learn new skills, self defence and patterns to move up to the next grade.

kick taekwondo


The more you train, the more you gain!

black belt icon


Imperviousness to darkness, the ultimate goal!